About Us

About Us

Safety GPS Tracker is an Bangladesh owned and operated company supplying vehicle and asset tracking solutions.

Our products and services include GPS tracking solutions for business and individuals, including vehicles and assets for transport, services, construction, and marine applications.

Our GPS tracking devices and management systems are one of the most feature packed yet affordable solutions available on the market today.  We provide a complete range of reliable, robust and  high quality hardware utilising GPS, GPRS, GSM, SMS, Globalstar and Iridium technology.

Safety GPS Tracker’s web based and mobile app tracking solution provides unrivalled imagery to literally put you in the driver’s seat. Our web based solution requires no 3rd party monitoring and is simple and easy to use. Safety GPS Tracker delivers cash-flow savings and ROI almost immediately for most businesses and provides affordable peace of mind and security for individuals.

We are customer focused and seek to provide the best solution for your needs and can customise solutions to fit your requirements.