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Car is your but responsibility is our for your vehicle's high security use Our Safety GPS Tracker

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Safety GPS Tracker offer real time GPS Vehicle Tracking Solution. Our GPS Tracking Software enables you to track accurate location of your Fleet & Vehicles.

Live to track

Get live vehicles location via mobile app or website.

Mileage Report

Get your vehicles mileage report easily via our app.

Geofence Alert

You can set go no go area for your vehicles easily .

Fuel Monitoring

You can easily monitor the oil in your car

AC On / Off Notification

Easily you can get Ac on/off notification.

Speed Violation Alert

You can get the signal when cross your set speed limit.

Engine Lock

You can turn off the engine when your car is stolen.

Daily Reports

You can easily see your daily travel history.


Our GPS tracking systems include personnel, vehicles, trailers, machinery, marine and any other asset that

needs to be protected and tracked.

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